The Festival is put on entirely by volunteers and we can always use help. Volunteer opportunities include everything from helping to plan the Festival to maintaining the website and posting on social media, assisting with one-time events (like a workshop), or taking a two-hour shift during the Festival. These jobs are important and Festival cannot run without these jobs getting done!

Please contact Wes Whitaker at westry.whitaker@ung.edu if you would like to learn more about volunteering.  Or, you can sign up online by going our “2019 Dahlonega Literary Festival Volunteer List” directly. If you are interested, please go to the Form, read the job descriptions, and key-in your name and contact info (email and phone number (for texting you during the Festival) in one of the vacant lines.

We can use your help! To We have an online Sign Up Form where you can see the duties, times, and locations we need help with. We’ve tried to create a schedule where these jobs are for short periods of time so you can help for as little or as long as you can afford.


Thank you!!!

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