FoxTale Book Shoppe located in Woodstock, Ga. has  kindly consented to handle the book sales of the Dahlonega Literary Festival’s 2019 Featured Authors and Regional Writers!  The location of FoxTale Book Shoppe at the Festival will be in Fellowship Hall of the Dahlonega Baptist Church (234 Hawkins St., Dahlonega, GA 30533).   So, while you are attending the Festival and you wish to purchase books by your favorite 2019 Featured Authors and 2019 Regional Writers, then FoxTale Book Shoppe is the place to go.  Also, FoxTale donates a portion of it’s sales profit to the Festival!!! Please stop by the Fellowship Hall and visit FoxTale Book Shoppe.  You’ll love it!


  1. So, the way I’m reading this, we will not be able to buy books directly from the authors, but must use the FoxTale Book Shoppe. Is this correct? I have to be honest with you, my favorite thing about the literary festival is talking with the authors about their books and purchasing directly from them. I hope I am reading this incorrectly. I look forward to hearing back from you about this.


    • Hi Judy! Thanks for your remarks. Yes, this will be the first year we will have FoxTale Book Shoppe handle book sales for the Regional Writers. They will be located in the Fellowship Hall of the Dahlonega Baptist Church, where the Regional Writers have been located the past couple of years. Glad to hear you and your friends enjoy meeting and talking with the authors. That was what we were hoping many attendees enjoyed about the DLF. We thought that this was a wonderful opportunity for both the attendees and the authors. However, we’ve observed that many attendees do not take advantage of this opportunity and perhaps do not feel the same as you and your friends. We believe that many attendees perhaps feel ‘pressured’ into buying books with the authors sitting there and that the experience is an uncomfortable one. They feel bad when they don’t purchase books from an author so avoid the experience all together. So, we’re going to try something different this year by having FoxTale handle book sales for the Regional Writers so that attendees can browse the books at their leisure and not feel pressured. We’re hoping that this will actually increase book sales for all of our authors. This will also free up the Regional Writers to attend and enjoy our Festival’s programming, though many will no doubt miss the experience of interacting with the attendees at their tables. We hope to still provide this interaction between attendee and author, but in a different form. You’ll still be able to interact with the authors throughout the day. Authors will have distinctive name tags so that they can be identified so attendees can stop them and chat. They would no doubt love to have you and your friends do so. We also plan to have a book signing schedule so attendees can meet the authors during the day and have the books they purchased signed. Once that schedule has been finalized it will be posted on our website and Program booklet. Also, we’re planning to have an hour (5:30-6:30pm) after the last program (at 5:30pm) to have all of the Featured Authors and Regional Writers gather in the Fellowship Hall to provide authors another opportunity to network, meet attendees, sign books, and to provide attendees another opportunity to purchase the author’s books, meet the authors, and get their books signed. We plan on having soft drinks/water, and light snacks for everyone to enjoy. Thank you so much for your remarks and for you and your friends attendance in past years. We do hope that now you have a little more information on our plans that you’ll give these changes a chance and will plan on attending the 2019 DLF.


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