More Authors!

This year’s festival is shaping to to be a wonderful event with more and more authors signing up to attend. The newest authors added to our festival are  Cindy Woodsmall, Jackie Cooper, & Barbara Brown Taylor. Also attending are Lora Mirza and Paul Hudson, authors of Atlanta’s Stone Mountain: A Multicultural History. Joining Lora and Paul is Dr. George D. N. Coletti, who provided guidence for their book, as well as author of STONE MOUNTAIN: The Granite Sentinel. Also, returning to this year’s festival are  Mark Braught and Laura Knorr. We are also proud to announce that Britt Menzies, creator of The Stinky Kids, will be at the Dahlonega Literary Festival this year doing exciting things for our children’s programs!

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2 responses to “More Authors!

  1. Arti bailey

    I am in a religion group that is presently discussing one of Barbara Brown Taylor’s books. Will she be speaking or autographing books? When and where will she be?
    Thank you

    • Barbara Brown Taylor will be at this year’s festival on Nov. 10th & 11th. She will be speaking on panels and will be available to sign books after each panel. We do not have the exact schedule, yet. So keep checking back!

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